Rose Anthology

For over 20 years, Tambuzi have been specialists in the production of traditional scented garden roses. Our philosophy means that we are not simply interested in the productivity and vase life of a rose but also its beauty and charm.

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David Austin Roses

We have a collection of more than 10 varieties from the David Austin collection.

Floral Herbs & Foliage Roses

We grow a number of herbs and foliage for use in floral bouquets and arrangements.

Floribunda Roses

We have a number of interesting multi-headed roses.

Tambuzi Garden Roses

We have a wide selection of unusual cup-shaped roses in different scents and colours.

Tambuzi Plum Roses

The newest collection of roses from Pendekeza, our high altitude farm.

Tambuzi Scented Roses

A good number of our roses are chosen for scent.

Tambuzi Spray Roses

See our range of spray roses in different sizes, shapes and scent.

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