Care and Conditioning

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14 Jul 2022

Caring for your roses by David Austin Wedding Roses.


  • Unpack your roses as soon as possible


  • Keep the packaging in place, to support the stems during hydration


  • Cut about 1″or 3cm from the base of each stem.


  • Place the stems in water with flower food to aid hydration, improve opening and increase vase life.


  • Place the stems in ambient room temperature to encourage opening.


  • After hydration, remove all packaging. Space the stems in the buckets of water to make room for the blooms to open. Retain guard petals as they will disappear as the bloom opens.


  • Rehydrate stems for 4-6 hours in the coolest place possible, ideally between 4° to 6°C / 39° to 43°F. If your roses arrive late in the day, leave in water overnight to give them the hydration period.


  • Opening will take between 2 and 4 days. Once opened, place back in your cool area until you are ready to work with them.


As a guide, we recommend delivery of your roses 4 days before your event. Don’t forget to order your roses well in advance from your wholesaler.

You can watch the David Austin Wedding Rose Care and Conditioning video here.


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