Another Two Gorgeous Varieties from Tambuzi

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Top to Bottom, Beatrice, and Edith

28 Sep 2016

These two varieties are David Austin roses. The first, now re-named by Tambuzi as Beatrice, is a truly lovely rose, and one we have been growing for close to for four years. At first we grew this variety on a trial-basis, and as we did, we learned how to “tweak” this rose’s special qualities. The key was changing the pick-stage from later to just a little bit earlier, to catch the cup at just the perfect opening. We are now growing Beatrice commercially. Its sweet honey smell and pretty colour make it a simply divine addition to Tambuzi’s David Austin range.

The second new variety from David Austin worth mentioning is the unique Edith. This versatile, multi-faceted rose is special for a number of reasons. Its cup opens almost flatly, surrounded by firm, ruffled petals. There is no colour like it in the Davis Austin range, and while it emits a golden hue from the center of the flower, the rest of it is a mixture of golden and peachy shades. Its perfume suggests honey, with a hint of vanilla.

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