All-farm meeting with the Directors

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31 Jul 2017

Every year, the Directors always have a meeting with all the workers in the farm, as a way of feeding back on the performance, projects, the status of the industry and any issues relating to the workers.
This year’s meeting was held on Thursday 27th July at the staff canteen. In attendance were both Tim and Maggie Hobbs, all the Managers and workers. The key speech from the Managing Director, Tim Hobbs, was about the new expansion of the high-altitude farm, Pendekeza, which started last year. This is now ongoing, with the first greenhouse already in production and construction of the second one expected to start in September.
On her side, the Finance Director, Maggie Hobbs, spoke mainly on the Shared Value projects that had been carried out in the past year, as well as the ongoing ones. With the general elections coming up in August, Maggie also reminded everyone on the importance of promoting peace and voting wisely.

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